Snapshots that wow!

  • 27th January 2024

Price forcing efficiencies?

A lot of mainstream media has focused on the falling prices of Tesla. However not even 10% of that attention has been diverted to how their cost of goods has fallen. In just a year, cost of goods per vehicle has come down from $39500 to $36250 which is a feat in itself!

Source : Tesla Investor Presentation

The star shines brighter than ever!

Who says age matters? Certainly not Tom Cruise.

Source: Chartr

Calm down, the SIP inflows are not too damn high!

The $2bn plus SIP inflow number that has all of us in awe is unfortunately painting an incorrect picture. The Net SIP in the month of December (the actual money deducted from the bank accounts of investors as SIP flows) was at 6469 crores.

Source: Cafemutual

The stairs and elevator shtick at a geopolitical level

Chinese stocks massively outperformed Japanese stocks for nearly two decades; it took three years to wipe out relative gains.

Source: Bloomberg, xieyebloomberg

Content Wins. Ergo, Netflix wins.

Visualizing the number of TV shows available on each major video streaming platform in the United States as of January 2024, ranked by IMDb quality rating, it is clear that Netflix is the undisputed content king. It is therefore not surprising to see a resurgence in paying subscribers for the streaming service after the crackdown on password sharing

Source: Statista

USA- UK Tea Party Wars

When you have nothing better to do...

“A professor and chemist in the US recently published a book suggesting that the perfect cup of tea requires "a pinch of salt" and "a small squeeze of lemon juice". In doing so, she stirred a controversy between the two tea-loving countries -- the UK and the US. Tea or rather making tea has already been a bone of contention between the two nations with the UK using a kettle to make the brew and the US preferring to "microwave" it.

Therefore, fearing that Michelle Francl's suggestion might add further salt to the wound (or tea?), the US embassy in London issued a mock clarification which had citizens of both the countries and others on X in splits.”

Source: American Embassy