Snapshots that wow!

  • 3rd February 2024

We want Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment!

While theatres in rest of the world struggle to get more patrons through their door vs. pre-covid, Indians have returned to the big screen in throes despite the proliferation of OTTs.

Source : PVRInvestor Presentation

This flight is crashing!

“It is absolutely critical that we have a strong Boeing and that we have a strong Airbus and that the two of them at least compete with each other, not just for orders, but also  .  .  . in terms of technological developments,” says Michael O’Leary, chief executive of Ryanair, one of Boeing’s biggest customers.

That depends on Boeing turning things around. If it cannot, there would be consequences for the aerospace supply chain and for airline customers.Who says age matters? Certainly not Tom Cruise.

Source: Financial Times

Metaverse shows the path to reality!

Headcount down 22% YoY, revenue up 25%, opex down 8%

Source: Meta Press Release

We are after all the same species!

Farmer protests in Brussels resulted in a change of scenery in Place Du Luxembourg in Brussels.

“Currently, the farming sector accounts for 11% of the E.U.’s greenhouse gas emissions, which the E.U. hopes to curb by revamping its existing Common Agricultural Policy, a yearly subsidy system worth nearly $60 billion. The new policies, which are part of the European green deal that aims to make the bloc climate-neutral by 2050, would include an obligation for farmers to devote at least 4% of arable land to non-productive features. They must also carry out crop rotations and reduce fertilizer use by at least 20%.”

Source: Ian Bremmer, Time Magazine

Taylor Swift has arrived (if there was still any doubt)

I don’t think you can get more famous than “foreign embassy ensures she’ll make it back in time for date night”

Source: Japan Embassy

Electrifying India!

India's Transmission length to GW of installed capacity (ckm/ GW) is higher than nearly all countries benchmarked.

Source: SBI Mutual Funds