Snapshots that wow!

  • 30th December 2023

Set expectations, I will beat it- Mr. Market in 2023

The S&P 500 ended the year at 4,770, besting every major Wall Street firm's price target by over 200 points. The S&P 500's actual price gain of 24% was over 18% higher than the average forecast.

Source : Charlie Bilello

When everyone worries, problems come to an end!

The single biggest worry for the markets at the start of the year- inflation- was tamed this year with all major economies noting a lowering of inflation rate. Of course Argentina was the exception to this norm.

Source: Charlie Bilello

Direct equity investor swings like a pendulum!

Over the last 13 years, the cumulative net inflow by individuals in the market is nil. The surge in direct equity investments in the cash segment witnessed post COVID is simply the money that was taken out over the previous decade!

But perhaps the metaphor of the pendulum has greater bearing as the individual investor has chosen to do participate in the equity markets through MFs, PMS, etc. and derivatives!

Source: NSE, hktg13

The decoupling of the American Corporate!

The outperformance of US equities vs. global equities has been staggering. The question remains- With a flat lining population growth, an ever increasing fiscal debt bubble, and closing of liquidity taps- how long can this continue for? Or our American corporates simply that ingenious!

Source: BofA

Peak Soccer?

“From the 1990s to the eve of the Covid pandemic, football was in a long boom. The marriage made in heaven between pay-TV and live football in the early 1990s brought vast sums of money into the sport, and, for the following three decades, every time the broadcast rights were up for auction, the winning bid was higher than the last. When Sky first won exclusive rights to broadcast live Premier League football in 1992, it cost them £38mn per season. Seven auctions later, they paid £1.8bn per season for the 2016-2019 stretch, a 40-fold increase. It was the same story right across Europe, and this reliable and effort-free source of revenue growth quickly became an implicit assumption in football clubs’ planning. But then the pandemic hit, and broadcasters reassessed. No domestic TV rights package agreed since 2020 for any of England, Spain, Germany, Italy or France’s top leagues has set a new high, even in nominal terms.” Webb Telescope!

Source: FT

We are the world!

The most searched pages on Wikipedia suggest a strong Indian search bias. I guess we are the world!

Source: Wikimedia Foundation