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  • 06th January 2024

NaMo: the supreme influencer!

There are many travel vloggers but none with the impact that our Prime Minister can bring about. Interest in Lakshadweep went up over 4x post his visit photos being made public! Even snorkelling (just the activity) garnered 25x interest post his posts!

Source : Google Trends, Google Photos

We were part of a global trend last year!

Pakistan had the best performing equity markets in 2023. The great run by NIFTY last year was a part of a global trend which saw diverse participation - from Russia, Turkey to Poland, to Germany, Nikkei, etc.


The west lamenting on its pending decline?

Over the past 60 years the west has begun to shift away from the culture of progress, and towards one of caution, worry and risk-aversion, with economic growth slowing over the same period. The frequency of terms related to progress, improvement and the future has dropped by about 25 per cent since the 1960s, while those related to threats, risks and worries have become several times more common.

Source: FT

Who let the dogs out?

Source: WorldTips

The world is not what it seems.

The Mercator projections (the one we rely on for our 2D world maps) have distorted our perception on how big Greenland is. In reality it is <1/10th the size of Africa while the map suggests it to be slightly bigger!

Are you serious?

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