Snapshots that wow!

  • 16th December 2023

Scaling up is not a small cup of tea!

“While almost 33% of MidCaps rise to become LargeCap in 5-10 years, only 10-15% of SmallCaps become Mid or Large after 5-10 years

15-20% fail or become TinyCaps

65-70% remain SmallCap”

Source : Alpha Ideas, BSE Filing

The great wealth handover!

This great wealth handover has long been anticipated, but the 2023 edition of the UBS Billionaire Ambitions Report shows that it’s underway and gathering momentum. For the first time in the history of our study, new billionaires acquired greater wealth through inheritance than entrepreneurship.

Source: UBS

Desert winds don’t blow emissions away!

Most of the highest emitters of CO2 per capita are countries that are dry/ desert like- from constituents of the middle east to Australia to Mongolia. The one notable exception in the list is Trinidad and Tobago!

Source:Visual Capitalist

Wish life had a reverse uno card!

“According to the National Centre for Social Research, the average of six recent polls shows 56 per cent of respondents in favour of rejoining (or joining), though the individual polls varied from 60 to 49 per cent in favour. 22 per cent of Leave voters thought that Brexit had turned out badly or very badly against only 18 per cent who thought it had turned out well or very well”

Source: Financial Times

US: The largest China + 1?

Manufacturing Construction Spending in the US continues to hit new record highs, increasing 71% over the last year.

Source: Charlie Bilello

Yash Chopra would be very disappointed!