Snapshots that wow!

  • 25th November 2023

The Promisers Convention seeing a Breakout!

70000 people are expected to show up at COP28 in Dubai! If that number in attendance comes through, it would double the previous iteration’s record!

Source : Bloomberg

Land is all moh maya?

Don’t take my word on land, ask the expert!

Source: Ashiana Housing Concall

Dog lovers > Cat lovers

Not just my personal preference! The world incrementally agrees as well :)

Source: Google Trends

Wondering why heavy weights missed the party?

FII ownership in Indian markets currently stand at 16.6%, which is at the lowest share since 2012!

Source: ICICI Securities

Multibaggers are so 2017

““Multibagger”no longer excites Indians!

“Options trading” eats “multibagger” for breakfast, lunch n dinner!

(Google trends from 2009 to 2023)”

Source: @hktg13

Yeh hai Bombay meri Jaan!

Not Delhi, this is Aamchi Mumbai! Pause, and look around. There is beauty everywhere!

Source: My Camera