Snapshots that wow!

  • 9th December 2023

Waqt ki hi baat hai

After a long time, there was a non cordial reason cited for stepping down from the board of directors of a listed company- being informed of the incorrect time for a board meeting!

Source : Alpha Ideas, BSE Filing

Auto bull run: Not a volume story

5-yr volume CAGR 5-yr volume CAGR: 2W/3W and Tata Motors still below FY19 peak (comparison with last peak) shows PV/ Tractor OEMs are registering positive growth and have crossed last peak, while recovery is underway for 2W/3W OEMs and Tata Motors (JLR).

Source: DSP Report Card

This speculose has no speculation!

With EBIT growing at a 16% CAGR and delivering a ~12,000% TSR over the past two decades, Lotus Cookie breaks into the top 10 cookies sold globally.


Beware of Narratives!

1 in 5 young americans believes Holocaust to be a myth. A big lesson in how social media has the power to rewrite history.

Source: The Economist

You don’t need to be a startup to grow aggressively!

Shein did $26.5 in revenue in 2022 – ↑ than leaders like H&M ($22B), GAP ($16.7B), and UNIQLO ($15.7B). And, it’s expected to scale 60% in 2023.

It was the most downloaded shopping app in the world in 2022 (No. 2 in the U.S. after Amazon) with ~200 mn downloads in 2022 alone!

Shein goes from design to shipping in as little as “3 DAYS”. Zara by contrast (which is fast) on avg takes “3 WEEKS” from design to store.

Source: ECDB

When hard drives were hard work!

“5MB IBM hard drive, 1956.”