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  • 20th January 2024

Periodicity and Commodity Returns

If I had to wager solely basis this visual representation, I would call for a return of Palladium as a chart topper!

Source : Visual Capitalist

Want to be a world leader? Export!

All major dominant countries in the world have been dominant exporters of goods and services, and as an extension of culture, language, etc. Even in the ancient world- think Egypt, or India in the middle ages.

Source: Visual Capitalist

Time to go back to school, and keep studying!

Share of MBA students from top tier Business Schools in the US, searching for a job 3 months into graduation has been on a trot. This includes those who got a job but have not accepted it.

Source: WSJ

A disc in hand is worth more than a library in the cloud

Music may have been democratised but there are lesser ultra rich musicians as a result. Digital album sales are still only 25% of the total music album sales in the US!

Source: Source: Luminate 2023 Music Report

Earnings drive stock markets? Ahem.

For NSE500 (ex of financials), 10y CAGR in sales is 9.3%, PAT CAGR is 9.4% but the market capitalisation CAGR is 15.2%!

Source: ACE Equity, Macquarie Handbook

Periodic Reminder.