Snapshots that wow!

  • 10th February 2024

There are no multibagger stocks, only watches!

“In 2021, Patek Phillippe and Tiffancy & Co celebrated a 170 year alliance by making 170 Tiffany blue colored dial Nautilius 5711/1A-018 time pieces. Later that same year, one of the strictly limited pieces was sold at an auction in New York for $6.5mn! Vs. the original retail price of $52.6k!”

Source : Chartr

To be nuclear is to be safer!

“Nuclear seems unsafe and risky because accidents appear monumental and the danger is invisible. It awakens a primeval fear in humans, like plane crashes. But when you measure actual safety, it turns out nuclear energy is among the safest sources of electricity.

The best way to measure safety is by deaths per unit of energy (eg, deaths/TWh).

Nuclear causes about the same number of deaths as solar or wind, about 100x fewer than gas, and 1,000x fewer than coal! Even something that appears as safe as hydropower is 40x deadlier than nuclear.”

Source: Uncharted Territories

Despite the blowouts, Planes are safer!

What is even more surprising is that buses are safer than subways/ trains! I guess ST buses were not figured into this calculation. Then again I have never seen a ST bus in an accident, might have caused me cardiac issues while driving though!

“I Cannot Calculate the Madness of Men!”

“I can calculate the motions of the planets, but I cannot calculate the madness of men.” - Isaac Newton You probably know Isaac Newton. While Isaac Newton was a genius, he was a very bad investor. Initially, Newton made some money by investing in the South Sea Company. He sold the company but the stock kept increasing. He saw all his friends getting rich, which made him jealous. That’s why, after the stock already increased a lot, Isaac Newton bought South Sea Company again but with way more money this time...... And the chart explains the rest. It is said that Isaac Newton lost the equivalent of around $50 million in today’s dollars.

“You are a 2cr man!”

If you are having a rough day, remember- having 2crores in India puts you in the top 0.1% of the country’s population by wealth. You are no longer the upper middle class!

Sign of the times!

Just stop your crying

It's a sign of the times

Welcome to the final show

Hope you're wearing your best clothes

You can't bribe the door on your way to the sky

You look pretty good down here

But you ain't really good.