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Tamohara Investment Managers Private Limited (‘Tamohara’) is in the business of providing advisory services and holds a valid registration certificate vide registration number: INA000013873. The investment advisory services are provided through separate division called ‘Tamohara Investment Advisors’, and they have all the requisite infrastructure facilities to carry out and achieve client’s investment objectives and provide service as per the expectations of these clients. In addition to providing the advisory services, Tamohara is also registered as a portfolio manager with SEBI and holds the valid registration certificate vide registration number: INP000004763. Tamohara has no affiliations with other intermediaries. No penalties / directions have been issued by SEBI under the SEBI Act or Regulations made there under against Tamohara relating to Investment Advisory services. There are no pending material litigations or legal proceedings, findings of inspections or investigations for which action has been taken or initiated by any regulatory authority against the Tamohara or its directors or employees. Tamohara or its affiliates or employees/directors or portfolio advised/managed by Tamohara may have same or contra positions in personal or fiduciary capacity the above securities/stocks. Investors should take caution while executing the advice based on their risk/return profile and suitability. Client understands that subject to the applicable laws, Tamohara may give advice or take action in performing its duties to other clients, or for its own accounts, that may or may not differ from advice given to or acts taken for the Client. Tamohara is not obligated to recommend to the Client, any security or other investment that Tamohara may buy, sell or recommend for any other client or for its own accounts. Tamohara or its affiliates may be involved in other financial, investment or other professional activities which may on occasion cause conflicts of interest with the investment advisory services being provided to the Client. These include serving as directors, officers, advisers, or agents of other companies. The Client may have to accordingly govern themselves by the terms and conditions as may be laid down or applicable in case of the aforementioned activities subject to the following: As an entity: Tamohara, for its own proprietary purposes may invest / divest in various securities / investments, from time to time at its own discretion which will be undertaken by a separate and dedicated team. The said segregation will ensure avoidance of conflict of interest with regard to the investment advisory and related business of the Company. Such proprietary investment transactions may at times be contrary to the investment advice or other related business or actions inter-alia due to reasons such as different risk profile, returns expectation, investment objective or risk perception of the entity being advised. As its business activities: Apart from providing investment advisory services through its separately identifiable division, Tamohara is also engaged in providing the portfolio management services and in connection with any advice on securities or investment products so serviced, Tamohara may earn fees or remuneration in form of management fees or any other fees by whatever name called. As its directors or employees: Tamohara, its directors or employees may also advice or be connected with any fund house, portfolio manager, mutual fund/asset management company, alternative investment funds, broking company or any other entity or its directors or employees offering any financial product (which may be part of investment advice) or undertake any execution services and accordingly they may earn management fees, for the same. Future business activity: During the course of business, as part of normal business activity, Tamohara, its directors or its affiliates may undertake any other business or register with SEBI or any other regulator or body for conducting business activities that may be directly or indirectly connected with its long term business objectives in line with its Object Clause inter alia including corporate advisory etc. However, the Client shall not be under any obligation to avail the execution or any other such services offered by the division or affiliate of Tamohara. All fees and charges, wherever applicable, for such services shall be paid directly to execution service providers and not through the Investment Advisor.