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At Tamohara, we take reading seriously, and go through a variety of analyses, perspectives and news from across the world. Our team curates the most insightful of these to share with you, on a weekly basis. These include blog posts, thought pieces, papers and more that will ensure you have quality reading every weekend.

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Curated reads for December 22, 2018


Legendary investor Chuck Akre discusses in investment philosophy and explains how he finds "compounding machines" - companies that produce high rates of returns for shareholders through reinvestment of cash flows. Read more

Two articles that will give you some perspective on forecasting: A. Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon sits down with Chief Economist Jan Hatzius to discuss his journey and eventually building a career of economic forecasting, weighing inputs and challenging assumptions. Whether it’s forecasting a slowdown in the global economy in 2019, or calculating the probability of a recession, the business of forecasting demands analytical rigor and a willingness to challenge personal assumptions. Read more

B. What is the difference between 'timing the market' and 'staying invested'? The later requires you to make a single decision while the former involves taking two decisions - when to buy and when to sell. If you understand probabilities, if you have a 70% probability of being right on one decision, then your chance of being right two consecutive decisions is nearly 50% (70%x70%). Therefore, timing the market is not as easy as it is made out to be. Read more

Drawing an analogy from how the Secret Santa gifts can make you happy, or upset, or surprise & delight you altogether, the author lucidly explains the concepts of product and marketing strategy. Read more

The only thing constant in life is change. This holds true investments as well: Technology is helping companies to achieve scale by building platforms rather than large capital which was required earlier. The economy is becoming asset light. The definition of Value is changing, forcing even the likes of Warren Buffett to rethink their investment style. It’s not fittest that survive, but those who are adaptable to change that make it through. Read more


“You’d think that an easy way to get sick would be vigorously making out, for several minutes, with someone of your preferred gender who has a severe case of the common cold. Turns out, it’s actually really hard to catch the common cold this way.” This and some other counter-intuitive lessons are discussed in this investor letter. A good resource to understand some prominent mental models. Read more


Stephen Greenspan authored the book ‘Annals of Gullibility’ that dealt with ‘Why we get duped, and how to avoid it’. Just two days after a copy of this new book arrived at his home, Stephen Greenspan received shocking news: A third of his retirement savings had been invested with Bernard Madoff. Some good lessons here. Read more


The renowned Jewish Rabbi, _Abraham Heschel_, wrote: “A good person is not one who does the right thing, but one who is in the _habit_ of doing the right thing”. We grossly underestimate the power of small incremental changes in our lives. A habit that can make you 1% better a day, can make you 37 times better in a year. Read more

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