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At Tamohara, we take reading seriously, and go through a variety of analyses, perspectives and news from across the world. Our team curates the most insightful of these to share with you, on a weekly basis. These include blog posts, thought pieces, papers and more that will ensure you have quality reading every weekend.

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Curated reads for March 02, 2019


Jon Boorman, CEO of Broadsword Capital reminisces about his investing journey over the past 30 years, and shares a few lessons worth taking away from it. Read more

While equity may be among the best performing asset class over the long term, the equity market is not a reliable indicator of future crisis or downturns. The credit markets, on the other hand, while not easy to understand, usually provide an early indication of an impending economic decline. Read more

Conventional wisdom tells us that high growth stocks runs a risk of sharp devaluation if the growth slows down meaningfully. On the other hand, slow growing stocks can be relatively steady as there can be low volatility in growth rates (think mature FMCG business). However, the authors of this article argue that slow growers can be a risky investment as well, even if their growth slows marginally. Read more

A futuristic point of view: Two articles that attempt to crystal-gaze the evolution of consumerism, locally and globally.

A) A peek in how India will consume in 2030: 10 mega trends. Read more

B) If customer acquisition and scale was phase 1 of online retailing (e-commerce) globally, then value addition will be its second phase, and a path to improve profitability. Read more


Hope springs eternal - especially when a project or investment is close to one’s heart (i.e. when emotions overtake reasoning). However, this variation of a commitment bias usually leads to undesirable results. This article attempts to offer two effective remedies: Read more

Our newsletter this month runs a similar theme – we look at how difficult it is to perfectly time an exit in a stock, especially when your thesis doesn’t play out. We offer some heuristics based techniques to deal with such situations. Read more


Humans are trend seekers - we have an affinity for identifying patterns. It is for this reason that a large section of the market believes that the past is a reliable indicator of the future. However, as Mark Twain is reputed to have said, "History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes." Below are two articles, penned by two colleagues, that demonstrate that history is not a reliable indicator of the future - at least not in the stock markets.

I. History is a good teacher, but not a good predictor. Read more

II. We cannot rely on data from the past to guide us in the future. Read more


Sometimes, in a stressful environment like the workplace, emotions can get the better of us. However just like any muscle, emotions too, can be exercised to effect positive results. Read through on how to achieve this… Read more

Whom do you spend the most time with every day? Responses would vary from ‘office colleagues’ to ‘spouse’ among others. Have you realized though, that your significant other is actually your smartphone. It never leaves your side, day or night. Here’s what the author did about it: Read more


There is an old saying that music heals the soul. Apparently, it heals Alzheimer’s as well. Read more

In the past, we've shared articles about how businesses appeal to customers through colour (sight). However, marketing efforts don't end there. Ever had a scent/odour trigger a distinct memory or emotional moment from your past. Well then, you shouldn't be surprised to hear that a substantial amount of funding and research has gone into scent branding. Read more

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