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At Tamohara, we take reading seriously, and go through a variety of analyses, perspectives and news from across the world. Our team curates the most insightful of these to share with you, on a weekly basis. These include blog posts, thought pieces, papers and more that will ensure you have quality reading every weekend.

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Curated reads for February 02, 2019


As part of his 'A Dozen Things' series, Tren Griffin (@trengriffin), writes about investing and business lessons from Silicon valley venture capitalist Bill Gurley. Some very good perspectives here: Read more

Analysts often commit the mistake of taking the management commentary on face value, even as in most cases the story is too good to be true. An antidote to management's unending bullish commentary was prescribed way back in the 1950s by Phillip Fisher in his book “Common Stocks, Uncommon Profits”. Phil recommended that discerning investors conduct channel checks, which he called “Scuttlebutt”. in his book. Following article contains views of great investors how they think about channel checks as one of the critical tool for investing. Read more

At Tamohara, we pay a lot of attention to Return on Invested Capital (ROIC). This article explains why: Read more

We live in a rapidly changing world. With information being the new oil, technology is at the center-stage of economic development today. Here are two articles that discuss value investing principles in a world being driven by software:

A. 'Competitive Advantage' is traditionally linked to aspects like brands, cost advantages, switching costs, efficient scale, intangible assets and network effects. However in an increasingly digital world, one cannot ignore the role that technology will play in creating moats. The contemporary world demands a case for 'digital moats'. Read more

B. Experienced value investors prefer a durable moat against competition; fast changing technology, however, makes maintaining such a moat for any length of time difficult, if not impossible. This article outlines what makes it an exciting time to live at the centre of the ever-growing intersection of value investing and the information economy. Read more


What happens when you are a victim of the 'Halo effect'? People expect great things from you - extra-ordinary achievements are believed to be ordinary for you. Conversely, when people don't think much of you, it is easier for your results to get noticed and appreciated - like the under-dog. Here is one such story of low expectations leading to better outcomes: Read more


"Business strategies change, market positioning changes, but purpose does not change". Those were the words of the recently deceased Herb Kelleher, co-founder and long-time CEO of Southwest Airlines. Here is a tribute to his legacy: Read more

Would you believe if told that money played a very important part in the evolution of humans, and that it helped one species evolve better than the other? This article traces the history of money, and correlates it to how it influences our behaviour until today. Read more


The 'Power of Incentives' is rated as one of the most important mental models by Charlie Munger. Here is how you can apply this mental model to achieve your own goals: Read more

Time is Money, or is it? Have you ever stopped to wonder at how you trade your time and money? What gets a priority in your life? Here is a tool that can help you understand how you value time over money: Read more

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