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Tamohara Investment Managers helps a wide range of investors: Be it individuals or institutions, regardless of their experience with equity.

We help individual investors - regardless of their experience with equity - grow savings. We invest your corpus in exceptional companies to help compound it over the long term, using two products that have been crafted by our team of analysts after substantial research (for details, see ‘Equity Fund Management Products’ below). What’s more, our strategy reduces the downside risk of investing. In the end, you not only get higher returns, but peace of mind as well!

Let us help you grow your savings.

We help financial advisors build a rich portfolio for their clients.

We offer two exceptional equity-linked products (see below) that are focused on compounding wealth over a long-term horizon, while insulating from downsides. In addition, we develop bespoke products, depending on you or your clients’ requirements. These products are co-branded and available for your exclusive distribution. In addition, we have a large investment team - so not only do you get a custom product, you get direct access to someone to someone to manage it on an ongoing basis.

Let us help you, help your clients.

We understand the unique requirements of HNIs and UHNIs, and help their family offices develop products tailored to them. These bespoke solutions are arrived at after comprehensive engagement with the clients, to understand their unique goals and preferences. We offer tailor-made multi-asset products, the components of which are arrived at with comprehensive research along with access to a large investment team, that you can consider an extension of your own.

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We specialize in helping institutions make investments in the dynamic Indian equity market to grow their corpus. Depending on requirements, time horizon and risk appetite, we create custom solutions. We help foreign investors by providing context to the domestic economy, acting as a trusted advisor to navigate Indian equities. Our team is experienced in working with companies both domestic and foreign, large and small, aware of business sensibilities and sensitivities.

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Our Offerings

Our team has spent a considerable amount of time and proprietary research to develop two products aimed at growing wealth over the long term. The company’s management themselves are invested in these products.

Tamohara Long Term Equity Strategy (TLES)

Equity Strategy

TLES invests predominantly in small-and-mid-cap companies, with up to 20% tactical allocation in large cap companies in unusual circumstances. The strategy seeks to invest in up to 20 high quality businesses that take advantage of the growth potential of India’s emerging economy. The focus is on companies in the initial stages of the business life cycle, showing a potential for faster growth rates. We do a considerable amount of research to select companies to reduce the chance of execution risks, hence maximizing long-term gains.

TLES is made for individual & institutional investors who have a minimum investment horizon of three years with a tolerance for higher-than-average volatility. In October 2018, the fund turned three. Its performance was a validation of our long-term approach

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Tamohara India Opportunities Strategy (TIOS)

Opportunities Strategy

TIOS is a multi-cap strategy that invests in large-cap and larger mid-cap companies, independent of sector or benchmark. It is focused on 15-18 high quality businesses with a proven business model, well-established track-record and have demonstrated leadership in their industries. These businesses have reasonable growth rates and relatively lower execution risks, being in the middle-to-later stages of the business life-cycle. TIOS is suitable for investors seeking to compound wealth at reasonable rates, with lower volatility.

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Tamohara offers solutions to investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio and risk even further. Our solutions include a combination of equity, mutual funds, debt-traded funds, exchange-traded funds, index funds and so on. These are tailored depending on what the investor is looking for and what their risk appetite is. To see how we can help you, get in touch with our team.

Tamohara provides discretionary and non-discretionary investment advisory services to institutions, family offices and High Net worth Individuals. Our dedicated team of analysts use a proprietary investment process to provide value-added and bespoke portfolios to create long term wealth, while minimizing the risk of downsides. We do this keeping in mind unique requirements and preferences.

We also help foreign institutions participate in the Indian equity market by providing offshore advisory. Our team can help investors by providing context to the domestic economy, acting as a trusted advisor to navigate Indian equities. We are experienced in working with companies both domestic and foreign, large and small, aware of business sensibilities and sensitivities.

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