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Welcome to Tamohara, welcome to the light.

About Tamohara Investment Managers

Tamohara Investment Managers is a SEBI-registered, platform-neutral investment management company, based in Mumbai, India. We invest in benchmark and market cap-agnostic equity and multi-asset portfolios, providing fund management and advisory services. Our strength is identifying good businesses that will give higher long-term returns, aided by our unmatched research process.

Since 2015, our team has been focused on compounding our investors’ wealth. We work with individual investors, institutions, financial product advisors, family offices and foreign investors. We also partner with financial product advisors to create bespoke co-branded products.


Our belief & approach to investment

Tamahora Investment Managers stands on a foundation of time-tested investment principles, focusing on long-term value creation. We look at business fundamentals rather than current stock prices, and value research over hearsay.

Our philosophy is brought to life in two ways:

  • Investing in businesses (not stocks), which helps us deliver higher returns over the long term, than relative outperformance in the short term. While the market focuses on profitability, we look at cash flows. Latching on to an upside is easy, insulation from a downside is not.

  • In-depth analysis of each business, including substantial primary research with several of its stakeholders. This helps unearth insights that cannot be gleaned by simply looking at a financial statement.

We do the research, analysis and selection. Compounding and time does the rest.

About our name

Tamohara: Remover of Darkness, Sanskrit

At a time when the investment management world was becoming self-serving, thriving on obfuscation and cherry-picking data, we believe there is space for a company to go back to the basics of creating wealth. That could be done only with complete transparency, and taking our customers with us. This belief is reflected in our name, Tamohara - which means ‘remover of darkness’ in the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit.

We believe our role is just that: Removing the opaque veil created by 24/7 business coverage and pulse-raising rumours that make it easy to feel you’re missing out on an opportunity.

To us, Tamohara is more than just a name - our company is built around this philosophy. Firstly, we have invested in a large investment team who have the freedom to carry out comprehensive, deep research. Secondly, our own revenues and remuneration are linked to the performance of investor portfolios, so it is in our best interests to make certain our customers succeed. Finally, we help you navigate the seemingly complex world of investments - taking into account your investable corpus, risk appetite, horizon and goals.


Once the darkness is removed, there is light.
Where there is light, there is knowledge.

Our Board Of Directors

Karan Datta
Non-Executive Director
Karan has over 26 years of rich experience in the field of finance. He has worked with companies like Birla Sunlife Distribution Company Limited and Axis Mutual Fund Trustee Limited. He has been part of the founding team of Axis Mutual Fund and made it the 10th largest mutual fund in India. He has also worked in Global firms such as Franklin Templeton Asset Management India Private Limited, Goldman Sachs Asset Management India Private Limited.
Navin Kumar
Non-Executive Director
Navin is an accomplished executive with Domestic & International experience in Sales, Marketing, Investor Relations, Business Strategy and Execution, Multichannel product distribution, and marketing involving both start-ups and growth organizations. With experience of over 31 years across Standard Chartered Bank, BNP Paribas, Deutsche AMC, Kotak Securities, and Milestone Capital Advisors Ltd etc, Navin is a professional with a very respectable network across the finance industry.
Vijai Mantri
Non-Executive Director
Vijai is the Co-Founder and Chief Investment Strategist of JRL Capital, which is the Wealth Management and Retail Distribution arm of the J R Laddha Group. He is a rank holder Chartered Accountant and also has an AMP from Indian School of Business (in collaboration with Kellogg and Wharton Business School). He started his career with the Aditya Birla Group and worked in various verticals including NBFC, Mutual Fund distribution, among others. He was the CEO of Deutsche MF/Pramerica for over 8 years. He was also the founder of HDFC Mutual Fund. In his last assignment, he has successfully co-founded and ran a FinTech company called Buckfast. Overall, he has 25 years of experience in Mutual Fund and Capital Markets.

Our Investment Team

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Contact us

Email: info@tamohara.net

Tel: +91-22-26305590


Tamohara Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd. 1402- Peninsula Park,
Off Veera Desai Road,
Andheri (W) Mumbai - 400053

Registered Office:

Mittal Chambers, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400021

SEBI registration number: INP000004763
RIA registration number: INA000013873
CIN: U74999MH2014PTC258390